Famous Poems of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Here you will find a collection of famous poems of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. The list is ordered alphabatically. You can also browse other poems on different poem type using the poem types shown on the right side.

A BalladA CharacterA Hymn to the Moon
A Man in LoveA Man in LoveA Summary of Lord Lyttleton's Advice to a Lady
Addressed to ------, 1736AdviceAn Answer to a Lady, Who Advised Lady Montagu to Retire
An Answer to a Love-Letter, in VerseAn Elegy on Mrs. ThompsonAn Epistle from Pope to Lord Bolingbroke
An Epistle to the Earl of BurlingtonAnswerAnswered, for Lord William Hamilton
Ballad, on a Late OccurrenceConclusion of a Letter to a FriendConstantinople
ContinuationEpigram, 1734Epilogue to Mary Queen of Scots
Epilogue to the Tragedy of CatoEpistle from Arthur Grey, the Footman, to Mrs. Murray, after His Condemnation for Attempting to CommEpistle from Mrs. Yonge to Her Husband
Epistle to Lord Hervey on the King's Birthday from the CountryEpithalamiumFarewell to Bath
Fragment to ******Friday, The ToiletteImpromptu, to a Young Lady Singing
Irregular Verses to TruthJohn Duke of MarlboroughJulia to Ovid
Lady Hertford to Lord William HamiltonLines Written in a Blank Page of Milton's Paradise LostMelinda's Complaint
Monday, Roxana, or the Drawing-RoomOn Seeing a Portrait of Sir Robert WalpoleSaturday, the Small-Pox
SongSong -- RondeauThe Bride in the Country
The Court of DulnessThe Fifth Ode of the First Book of Horace ImitatedThe Fourth Ode of the First Book of Horace Imitated
The Lady's ResolveThe Lover: A BalladThe Ninth Ode of the Third Book of Horace Imitated
The PoliticiansThe Reasons that Induced Dr S to Write a Poem Call'd the Lady's Dressing RoomThursday, the Bassette-Table
To a Friend on His TravelsTo Mr. ------To the Same
Town Eclogues: Monday; Roxana or the Drawing-RoomTown Eclogues: Saturday; The Small-PoxTown Eclogues: Thursday; the Bassette-Table
Town Eclogues: Tuesday; St. James's Coffee-HouseTown Eclogues: WednesdayTuesday, St. James's Coffee-House