Louisa Stuart Costello

Here you will find the Poem Medjnoon in his Solitude of poet Louisa Stuart Costello

Medjnoon in his Solitude

My ev'ry thought and wish was thine;
 Alas! thou know'st too well?
The ties that bind thy soul and mine,
 How lasting need I tell.

Oh! I have lov'd thee tenderly?
 Too dearly love thee still!
I feel that thought can never die?
 That wish no time can kill.

The life that spreads before me now
 Is one vast wilderness;
No fairy vales the scene can show
 That smile to cheer and bless.

All dreary spreads the frowning waste?
 A desert, gloomy, bare;
The rugged path, when found at last,
 Leads on but to despair!

No streams, that cool the parching breeze,
 Spring in that desert rude;
Save those the fainting Arab sees,
 That glitter to delude.

Or if some smiling view display'd
 Would tempt my hope again,
I know 'tis but an empty shade,
 And sigh to feel it vain!