Louisa Stuart Costello

Here you will find the Poem Night, on the Sea-shore of poet Louisa Stuart Costello

Night, on the Sea-shore

I have fled from all, and none can now 

 My way, my wanderings see; 

The waters widely round me flow? 

 I feel that I am free! 

Oh! who can wish for sunny day, 
When they may look on that lovely ray? 
On the moon so pure, so clear, and fair, 
 When no human form is nigh, 
When no human voice can startle the air? 
 All is silence and secrecy. 

No sound but the waters, that, murmuring, move? 
No light but the shadowless orb above. 
But see! the shadows are gathering fast? 
 The clear bright orb is gone: 
Alas! no beauty can ever last, 
 That e'er I gaze upon! 

The waters that sparkled so bright before 
Now moan alone the gloomy shore; 
And all is dark?as the fate will be 
That spreads its cheerless path for me!