Louisa Stuart Costello

Here you will find the Poem Song of the Crew of Diaz of poet Louisa Stuart Costello

Song of the Crew of Diaz

On the Discovery of the Cape of Good Hope, 
or Cape of Storms 

Where no sound was ever heard
 But the ocean's hollow roar,
As it breaks, in foamy mountains,
 Along the rugged shore:

Where ev'ry wind of heaven
 That has terror on its wings,
Howls to the startled echo
 That through each cavern rings:

Upon that world of waters,
 Where nought has ever pass'd
But the storm-bird's glittering pinions,
 As it whirls amidst the blast?

Where no sail has ever wandered
 Beneath that troubled sky,
Frowns the stately Cape of Storms
 O'er the drear immensity!

Above whose hoary summit,
 Where captive thunders sleep,
Three huge black clouds for ever
 Their dreadful station keep.

We have gazed on what no other
 Has ever gazed upon?
We have braved the angry spirits,
 And our victory is won.

We have conquered all the dangers
 Of a yet unfathom'd sea;
And we bring the prize of glory.
 Our country, Spain, to thee!