Famous Poems of Mark Akenside

Here you will find a collection of famous poems of Mark Akenside. The list is ordered alphabatically. You can also browse other poems on different poem type using the poem types shown on the right side.

A British PHILIPPICA SongAmbition And Content: A Fable
AmoretComplaint, TheFemale Beauty
For a Column At RunnymedeFriendship and LoveHymn to Science
Inscriptions: I: For A GrottoInscriptions: II: For A Statue Of Chaucer At WoodstockInscriptions: III: Whoe'er Thou Art Whose Pat In Summer Lies
Inscriptions: IX: Me Tho' In Life's Sequester'd ValeInscriptions: VI: For A Column At RunnymedeInscriptions: VII: The Wood Nymph
Inscriptions: VIII: Ye Powers UnseenLove: An ElegyNightingale, The
Ode I: The PrefaceOde I: The Remonstrance Of ShakespeareOde II: On The Winter-Solstice
Ode II: To SleepOde III: To A Friend, Unsuccessful In LoveOde III: To The Cuckow
Ode IV: Affected Indifference. To The SameOde IV: To The Honourable Charles Townshend In The CountryOde IX. To Curio
Ode IX: At StudyOde IX: To CurioOde on a Sermon Against Glory
Ode to The Country Gentlemen Of EnglandOde V: Against SuspicionOde V: On Love Of Praise
Ode VI: Hymn To CheerfulnessOde VI: To William Hall, Esquire: With The Works Of ChaulieuOde VII: On The Use Of Poetry
Ode VII: To The Right Reverend Benjamin Lord Bishop Of WinchesterOde VIII: If Rightly Tuneful Bards DecideOde VIII: On Leaving Holland
Ode X: To The MuseOde X: To Thomas Edwards, Esquire: On The Late Edition Of Mr. Pope's WorkOde XI: On Love, To A Friend
Ode XI: To The Country Gentlemen Of EnglandOde XII: On Recovering From A Fit Of Sickness, In the CountryOde XII: To Sir Francis Henry Drake, Baronet
Ode XIII: On Lyric PoetryOde XIII: To The Author Of Memoirs Of The House of BrandenburghOde XIV: To The Honourable Charles Townshend: From The Country
Ode XV: On Domestic Manners (Unfinished)Ode XV: To The Evening-StarOde XVI: To Caleb Hardinge, M.D.
Ode XVII: On A Sermon Against GloryOde XVIII: To The Right Honourable Francis Earl Of HuntingtonPleasures Of Imagination, The
TasteThe ComplaintThe Nightingale
The Pleasures of Imagination: Book The FirstThe Pleasures of Imagination: Book The FourthThe Pleasures of Imagination: Book The Second