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You will find a list of Famous Poems, Short Love Poems and Sweet poems for kids of different poets. Our Poetry Website has a huge collection of free poems of different poets. You can browse the poems by poet name alphabetically and on poem type of long and short poems shown on the right side.

The Lovers of the PoorThis LifeThe Pilot of the Plains
The Wind SpeaksTo IrelandThe Silent Muse
The Attack at DawnThe Braes of YarrowTravel Song
The Holy of HoliesThe GeneralThe Old Days - And The New
Three ThingsThe smiling slopes with olive groves bedeckedThe Jolly Beggar I
The Task: Book V. -- The Winter Morning WalkThe CirclesThe Star Splitter
To Mr. Addison on His Opera of RosamondTo John MiltonThe Aeolian Harp
The Vision Of The Holy GrailThe Enviable IslesThe Good Shepherd With The Kid
The FarewellThe Golden Legend: V. A Covered Bridge At LucerneThe Coming Of Winter
The Closed DoorThe Old Gentleman With The Amber Snuff-BoxThe Fortitude Of The North
The Splendid ShillingThe Virtuoso: In Imitation of Spenser's Style And StanzaTHE CRUEL MAID
The World In The HeartThe Widening Spell of the LeavesThe Prelude, Book 1: Childhood and School-time
The Aeneid (excerpts)The Simplon PassThe Caged Eagle
The ConvalescentThe Aged Lover Renounceth LoveThe Old Cumberland Beggar
The VirginThe French Revolution as it appeared to EnthusiastsTo a Highland Girl (At Inversneyde, upon Loch Lomond)
The Burden Of ItysThe Prelude, Book 2: School-time (Continued)The Testament of John Lydgate
The King's Quire (excerpt)The Shadow Of NightThe Ghost: Book III (excerpt)
The Steel GlassThe Ghost: Book II (excerpt)The Seventeenth Book Of Homer's Odysseys
The Testament of Cressida (excerpt)The True Born Englishman (excerpt)The Sixth Book Of Homer's Iliads
The Task: Book II, The Time-Piece (excerpts)The Task: Book I, The Sofa (excerpts)The Demon