Mathilde Blind

Here you will find the Poem Christmas Even of poet Mathilde Blind

Christmas Even

Alone--with one fair star for company, 
The loveliest star among the hosts of night, 
While the grey tide ebbs with the ebbing light-- 
I pace along the darkening wintry sea. 
Now round the yule-log and the glittering tree 
Twinkling with festive tapers, eyes as bright 
Sparkle with Christmas joys and young delight, 
As each one gathers to his family. 

But I--a waif on earth where'er I roam-- 
Uprooted with life's bleeding hopes and fears 
From that one heart that was my heart's sole home, 
Feel the old pang pierce through the severing years, 
And as I think upon the years to come 
That fair star trembles through my falling tears.