Robert William Service

Here you will find the Poem My Will of poet Robert William Service

My Will

I've made my Will. I don't believe
 In luxury and wealth;
And to those loving ones who grieve
 My age and frailing health
I give the meed to soothe their ways
 That they may happy be,
And pass serenely all their days
 In snug security.
That duty done, I leave behind
 The all I have to give
To crippled children and the blind
 Who lamentably live;
Hoping my withered hand may freight
 To happiness a few
Poor innocents whom cruel fate
 Has cheated of their due.

A am no grey philanthropist,
 Too humble is my lot
Yet how I'm glad to give the grist
 My singing mill has brought.
For I have had such lyric days,
 So rich, so full, so sweet,
That I with gratitude and praise
 Would make my life complete.

I'VE MADE MY WILL: now near the end,
 At peace with all mankind,
To children lame I would be friend,
 And brother to the blind . . .
And if there be a God, I pray
 He bless my last bequest,
And in His love and pity say:
 "Good servant,--rest!"