Samuel Daniel

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet XLVI: Fair and Lovely Maid of poet Samuel Daniel

Sonnet XLVI: Fair and Lovely Maid

Fair and lovely maid, look from the shore, 
See thy Leander striving in these waves, 
Poor soul forespent, whose force can do no more: 
Now send forth hopes, for now calm pity saves. 
And waft him to thee with those lovely eyes, 
A happy convoy to a holy land; 
Now show thy power and where thy virtue lies; 
To save thine own, stretch out the fairest hand. 
Stretch out the fairest hand a pledge of peace, 
That hand that darts so right and never misses; 
I'll not revenge old wrongs; my wrath shall cease; 
For that which gave me wounds, I'll give it kisses. 
Once let the ocean of my cares find shore, 
That thou be pleas'd, and I may sigh no more.