Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Here you will find the Poem From 'Religious Musings' of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge

From 'Religious Musings'


THERE is one Mind, one omnipresent Mind, 
Omnific. His most holy name is Love. 
Truth of subliming import! with the which 
Who feeds and saturates his constant soul, 
He from his small particular orbit flies 
With blest outstarting! From himself he flies, 
Stands in the sun, and with no partial gaze 
Views all creation; and he loves it all, 
And blesses it, and calls it very good! 
This is indeed to dwell with the Most High! 
Cherubs and rapture-trembling Seraphim 
Can press no nearer to the Almighty?s throne. 
But that we roam unconscious, or with hearts 
Unfeeling of our universal Sire, 
And that in His vast family no Cain 
Injures uninjured (in her best-aimed blow 
Victorious Murder a blind Suicide) 
Haply for this some younger Angel now 
Looks down on Human Nature: and, behold! 
A sea of blood bestrewed with wrecks, where mad 
Embattling Interests on each other rush 
With unhelmed rage! 
 ?Tis the sublime of man, 
Our noontide Majesty, to know ourselves 
Parts and proportions of one wondrous whole! 
This fraternizes man, this constitutes 
Our charities and bearings. But ?tis God 
Diffused through all, that doth make all one whole; 
This the worst superstition, him except 
Aught to desire, Supreme Reality! 
The plenitude and permanence of bliss! 

Made blind by lusts, disherited of soul, 
No common centre Man, no common sire 
Knoweth! A sordid solitary thing, 
Mid countless brethren with a lonely heart 
Through courts and cities the smooth savage roams 
Feeling himself, his own low self the whole; 
When he by sacred sympathy might make 
The whole one Self! Self, that no alien knows! 
Self, far diffused as Fancy?s wing can travel! 
Self, spreading still! Oblivious of its own, 
Yet all of all possessing! This is Faith! 
This the Messiah?s destined victory!