Siegfried Sassoon

Here you will find the Poem Arms and the Man of poet Siegfried Sassoon

Arms and the Man

Young Croesus went to pay his call 
On Colonel Sawbones, Caxton Hall: 
And, though his wound was healed and mended, 
He hoped he?d get his leave extended. 

The waiting-room was dark and bare.
He eyed a neat-framed notice there 
Above the fireplace hung to show 
Disabled heroes where to go 
For arms and legs; with scale of price, 
And words of dignified advice
How officers could get them free. 

Elbow or shoulder, hip or knee, 
Two arms, two legs, though all were lost, 
They?d be restored him free of cost. 
Then a Girl Guide looked to say,
`Will Captain Croesus come this way??