Siegfried Sassoon

Here you will find the Poem Editorial Impressions of poet Siegfried Sassoon

Editorial Impressions

He seemed so certain `all was going well?, 
As he discussed the glorious time he?d had 
While visiting the trenches.
`One can tell 
You?ve gathered big impressions!? grinned the lad 
Who?d been severely wounded in the back
In some wiped-out impossible Attack. 
`Impressions? Yes, most vivid! I am writing 
A little book called Europe on the Rack, 
Based on notes made while witnessing the fighting. 
I hope I?ve caught the feeling of ?the Line?,
And the amazing spirit of the troops. 
By Jove, those flying-chaps of ours are fine! 
I watched one daring beggar looping loops, 
Soaring and diving like some bird of prey. 
And through it all I felt that splendour shine
Which makes us win.?
The soldier sipped his wine. 
`Ah, yes, but it?s the Press that leads the way!