Siegfried Sassoon

Here you will find the Poem Goblin Revel of poet Siegfried Sassoon

Goblin Revel

In gold and grey, with fleering looks of sin, 
I watch them come; by two, by three, by four, 
Advancing slow, with loutings they begin 
Their woven measure, widening from the door; 
While music-men behind are straddling in
With flutes to brisk their feet across the floor,? 
And jangled dulcimers, and fiddles thin 
That taunt the twirling antic through once more. 

They pause, and hushed to whispers, steal away. 
With cunning glances; silent go their shoon
On creakless stairs; but far away the dogs 
Bark at some lonely farm: and haply they 
Have clambered back into the dusky moon 
That sinks beyond the marshes loud with frogs.