Thomas Parnell

Here you will find the Poem A Hymn for Morning of poet Thomas Parnell

A Hymn for Morning

See the star that leads the day 
Rising shoots a golden ray, 
To make the shades of darkness go 
From heaven above and earth below; 
And warn us early with the sight 
To leave the beds of silent night, 
From a heart sincere and sound 
From its very deepest ground, 
Send devotion up on high 
Wing'd with heat to reach the sky. 
See the time for sleep has run, 
Rise before, or with the sun, 
Lift thine hands and humbly pray 
The fountain of eternal day, 
That as the light serenely fair 
Illustrates all the tracts of air, 
The sacred spirit so may rest 
With quick'ning beams upon thy breast, 
And kindly clean it all within 
From darker blemishes of sin, 
And shine with grace until we view 
The realm it gilds with glory, too. 
See the day that dawns in air, 
Brings along its toil and care; 
From the lap of night it springs 
With heaps of business on its wings; 
Prepare to meet them in a mind 
That bows submissively resign'd, 
That would to works appointed fall, 
And knows that God has order'd all. 
And whether with a small repast 
We break our sober morning fast, 
Or in our thoughts and houses lay 
The future methods of the day, 
Or early walk abroad to meet 
Our business, with industrious feet, 
Whate'er we think, whate'er we do, 
His glory still be kept in view. 
O Giver of eternal bliss, 
Heavenly Father, grant me this; 
Grant it all as well as me, 
All whose hearts are fix'd on Thee, 
Who revere Thy Son above, 
Who Thy sacred Spirit love.