Christopher Smart

Here you will find the Long Poem Jubilate Agno: Fragment B, Part 3 of poet Christopher Smart

Jubilate Agno: Fragment B, Part 3

For a Man is to be looked upon in that which he excells as on a prospect. 

For there be twelve cardinal virtues -- three to the East -- Greatness, Valour, Piety. 

For there be three to the West -- Goodness, Purity and Sublimity. 

For there be three to the North -- Meditation, Happiness, Strength. 

For there be three to the South -- Constancy, Pleasantry and Wisdom. 

For the Argument A PRIORI is GOD in every man's CONSCIENCE. 

For the Argument A POSTERIORI is God before every man's eyes. 

For the Four and Twenty Elders of the Revelation are Four and Twenty Eternities. 

For their Four and Twenty Crowns are their respective Consummations. 

For a CHARACTER is the votes of the Worldlings, but the seal is of Almighty GOD alone. 

For there is no musick in flats and sharps which are not in God's natural key. 

For where Accusation takes the place of encouragement a man of Genius is driven to act the vices of a fool. 

For the Devil can set a house on fire, when the inhabitants find combustibles. 

For the old account of time is the true -- Decr 28th 1759-60 -- -- -- 

For Faith as a grain of mustard seed is to believe, as I do, that an Eternity is such in respect to the power and magnitude of Almighty God. 

For a DREAM is a good thing from GOD. 

For there is a dream from the adversary which is terror. 

For the phenomenon of dreaming is not of one solution, but many. 

For Eternity is like a grain of mustard as a growing body and improving spirit. 

For the malignancy of fire is oweing to the Devil's hiding of light, till it became visible darkness. 

For the Circle may be SQUARED by swelling and flattening. 

For the Life of God is in the body of man and his spirit in the Soul. 

For there was no rain in Paradise because of the delicate construction of the spiritual herbs and flowers. 

For the Planet Mercury is the WORD DISCERNMENT. 

For the Scotchman seeks for truth at the bottom of a well, the Englishman in the Heavn of Heavens. 

For the Planet Venus is the WORD PRUDENCE or providence. 

For GOD nevertheless is an extravagant BEING and generous unto loss. 

For there is no profit in the generation of man and the loss of millions is not worth God's tear. 

For this is the twelfth day of the MILLENNIUM of the MILLENNIUM foretold by the prophets -- give the glory to God ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY -- 

For the Planet Mars is the word FORTITUDE. 

For to worship naked in the Rain is the bravest thing for the refreshing and purifying the body. 

For the Planet Jupiter is the WORD DISPENSATION. 

For Tully says to be generous you must be first just, but the voice of Christ is distribute at all events. 

For Kittim is the father of the Pygmies, God be gracious to Pigg his family. 

For the Soul is divisible and a portion of the Spirit may be cut off from one and applied to another. 

For NEW BREAD is the most wholesome especially if it be leaven'd with honey. 

For a NEW SONG also is best, if it be to the glory of God; and taken with the food like the psalms. 

For the Planet Saturn is the word TEMPERANCE or PATIENCE. 

For Jacob's Ladder are the steps of the Earth graduated hence to Paradice and thence to the throne of God. 

For a good wish is well but a faithful prayer is an eternal benefit. 

For SPICA VIRGINIS is the star that appeared to the wise men in the East and directed their way before it was yet insphered. 

For an IDEA is the mental vision of an object. 

For Lock supposes that an human creature, at a given time may be an atheist i.e. without God, by the folly of his doctrine concerning innate ideas. 

For it is not lawful to sell poyson in England any more than it is in Venice, the Lord restrain both the finder and receiver. 

For the ACCENTS are the invention of the Moabites, who learning the GREEK tongue marked the words after their own vicious pronuntiation. 

For the GAULS (the now-French and original Moabites) after they were subdued by Cæsar became such Grecians at Rome. 

For the Gaullic manuscripts fell into the hands of the inventors of printing. 

For all the inventions of man, which are good, are the communications of Almighty God. 

For all the stars have satellites, which are terms under their respective words. 

For tiger is a word and his satellites are Griffin, Storgis, Cat and others. 

For my talent is to give an Impression upon words by punching, that when the reader casts his eye upon 'em, he takes up the image from the mould which I have made. 

For JOB was the son of Issachar and patience is the child of strength. 

For the Names of the DAYS, as they now stand, are foolish and abominable. 

For the Days are the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth