Siegfried Sassoon

Here you will find the Poem October of poet Siegfried Sassoon


Across the land a faint blue veil of mist 
Seems hung; the woods wear yet arrayment sober 
Till frost shall make them flame; silent and whist 
The drooping cherry orchards of October 
Like mournful pennons hang their shrivelling leaves
Russet and orange: all things now decay; 
Long since ye garnered in your autumn sheaves, 
And sad the robins pipe at set of day. 

Now do ye dream of Spring when greening shaws 
Confer with the shrewd breezes, and of slopes
Flower-kirtled, and of April, virgin guest; 
Days that ye love, despite their windy flaws, 
Since they are woven with all joys and hopes 
Whereof ye nevermore shall be possessed.