William Allingham

Here you will find the Poem These Little Songs of poet William Allingham

These Little Songs

These little Songs,
Found here and there, 
Floating in air 
By forest and lea, 
Or hill-side heather, 
In houses and throngs, 
Or down by the sea - 
Have come together, 
How, I can't tell: 
But I know full well 
No witty goose-wing 
On an inkstand begot 'em; 
Remember each place 
And moment of grace, 
In summer or spring, 
Winter or autumn 
By sun, moon, stars, 
Or a coal in the bars, 
In market or church, 
Graveyard or dance, 
When they came without search, 
Were found as by chance. 
A word, a line, 
You may say are mine; 
But the best in the songs, 
Whatever it be, 
To you, and to me, 
And to no one belongs.