Anne Bronte

Here you will find the Poem Stanzas of poet Anne Bronte


Oh, weep not, love! each tear that springs
 In those dear eyes of thine,
To me a keener suffering brings,
 Than if they flowed from mine. 
And do not droop! however drear
 The fate awaiting thee;
For my sake combat pain and care,
 And cherish life for me! 

I do not fear thy love will fail;
 Thy faith is true, I know;
But, oh, my love! thy strength is frail
 For such a life of woe. 

Were't not for this, I well could trace
 (Though banished long from thee,)
Life's rugged path, and boldly face
 The storms that threaten me. 

Fear not for me -­ I've steeled my mind
 Sorrow and strife to greet;
Joy with my love I leave behind,
 Care with my friends I meet. 

A mother's sad reproachful eye,
 A father's scowling brow -­
But he may frown and she may sigh:
 I will not break my vow! 

I love my mother, I revere
 My sire, but fear not me­
Believe that Death alone can tear
 This faithful heart from thee.