Famous Poems of Mary Barber

Here you will find a collection of famous poems of Mary Barber. The list is ordered alphabatically. You can also browse other poems on different poem type using the poem types shown on the right side.

A Letter For My Son To One Of His School--Fellows, Son To Henry Rose, Esq;A Letter Sent To Mrs. BarberA Letter To A Friend,
A Letter Written For My Daughter To A Lady, Who Had Presented Her With A Cap.A Letter Written For My Son To A Young GentlemanA Letter Written From London To Mrs. Strangeways Hornet
A True TaleAdvice To The Ladies At Bath. Written By A Lady.An Apology For My Son To His Master, For Not Bringing An Exercise On The Coronation Day.
An Apology For The Clergy,An Apology To Dr. Clayton, Bishop Of Killala, And His LadyAn Apology To The Earl Of Orrery
An Apology Written For My Son To His MasterAn Apology Written For My Son To The Reverend Mr. Sampson,An Epigram On The Same Occasion.
An Epigram. Since Milo Rallies Sacred WritAn Epitaph On The Late Lord Mount--Cashel.An Hymn To Sleep.
An Invitation To Edward Walpole, Esq.An Unanswerable Apology For The Rich.Apollo's Edict.
By A Person Of Quality.Conclusion Of A Letter To The Rev. Mr. C---.Epilogue To A Comedy Acted At Bath,
Jupiter And Fortune.NewsFfrom St. James's.Occasion'd By Reading The Memoirs Of Anne Of Austria
Occasion'd By Seeing Some Verses Written By Mrs. Constantia Grierson, Upon The Death Of Her Son.Occasion'd By Seeing The Honourable --- Treat A Person Of Merit With InsolenceOn Imagining A Friend Had Treated The Author With Indifference.
On Leaving Bath.On Seeing An Officer's Widow DistractedOn Seeing The Captives, Lately Redeem'd From Barbary By His Majesty.
On Sending My Son, As A Present, To Dr. Swift, Dean Of St. Patrick's, On His Birth--Day.On The Dutchess Of Newcastle's Picture.On The Earl Of Oxford And Mortimer's Giving His Daughter In Marriage In Oxford--Chapel.
Sent As From A School--Fellow To My SonSinceritySpoken Extempore, To The Right Honourable The Lady Barbara North
Stella And Flavia.The Oak And Its Branches.The Peacock.
The Prodigy.The Recantation: To The Same LadyThe Resolution
The Reverend Dr. L---.The ShellThe Widow Gordon's Petition
To A GentlemanTo A Gentleman, Who Had Abus'd Waller.To A Gentleman, Who Shew'd A Fine Poem As His Own.
To a LadyTo A Lady In The SpleenTo A Lady Who Commanded Me To Send Her An Account In Verse
To A Lady Who Was Libell'd.To A Lady, Who Invited The Author Into The Country.To Alexander Pope, Esq.
To Dr. Mead, On His Cape Wine.To Dr. Richard Helsham Upon My Recovery From A Dangerous Fit Of Sickness.To Her Grace The Dutchess Of Manchester, And Lady Diana Spencer