Famous Poems of Sir Philip Sidney

Here you will find a collection of famous poems of Sir Philip Sidney. The list is ordered alphabatically. You can also browse other poems on different poem type using the poem types shown on the right side.

Astrophel and Stella LXXXIV: HIGHWAYAstrophel and Stella VII: WhenNature Made her Chief WorkAstrophel And Stella-Eleventh Song
Astrophel And Stella-First SongAstrophel And Stella-Sonnet LIVAstrophel And Stella-Sonnet XXXI
Astrophel and Stella: IAstrophel and Stella: IIIAstrophel and Stella: LXIV
Astrophel and Stella: LXXIAstrophel and Stella: XCIIAstrophel and Stella: XLI
Astrophel and Stella: XVAstrophel and Stella: XXAstrophel and Stella: XXIII
Astrophel and Stella: XXXIAstrophel and Stella: XXXIIIAstrophel and Stella: XXXIX
Come Sleep, O Sleep! The Certain Knot Of PeaceLeave Me, O Love Which Reachest But To DustLeave Me, O Love, Which Reachest But to Dust
Loving In Truth, And Fain In Verse My Love To ShowMy True Love Hath My Heart, And I Have HisMy True-Love Hath My Heart
PhilomelaPsalm 139Psalm 19: Coeli Enarrant
Psalm 23Psalm 93Ring Out Your Bells
SleepSongSong from Arcadia
Sonnet 100: Oh Tears, No TearsSonnet 101: Stella Is SickSonnet 102: Wher Be Those Roses Gone
Sonnet 103: Oh Happy ThamesSonnet 104: Envious witsSonnet 105: Unhappy Sight
Sonnet 106: Oh Absent PresenceSonnet 107: Stella, Since Thou So RightSonnet 108: When Sorrow
Sonnet 10: ReasonSonnet 32: Morpheus The Lively SonSonnet 34: Come Let Me Write
Sonnet 35: What May Words SaySonnet 36: Stella, Whence Doth ThisSonnet 37: My Mouth Doth Water
Sonnet 38: This Night While Sleep BeginsSonnet 40: As Good To WriteSonnet 41: Having This Day My Horse
Sonnet 42: Oh Eyes, Which Do The SpheresSonnet 43: Fair Eyes, Sweet LipsSonnet 44: My Words, I Know Do Well
Sonnet 45: Stella Oft SeesSonnet 46: I Curs'd Thee OftSonnet 47: What, Have I thus Betray'd
Sonnet 48: Soul's Joy, Bend NotSonnet 50: Stella, The Fullness Of My ThoughtsSonnet 51: Pardon Mine Ears