Famous Soldier Poems / Soldier Verses

We have a great collection of famous soldier Poems / Verses. Our selection of soldier Poetry focuses on poems that are about soldier and easy to comprehend. In addition to soldier Poems of famous poets, there is a huge collection of other unique poems in our website.
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The Next WarNapoleonAh Poverties, Wincings Sulky Retreats
How to DieGive Me The Splendid, Silent SunKaiser and Co. Or Hoch der Kaiser
The Beautiful City of PerthMandalayThe Silent Melody
HelianThe MacaronisFour Zoas, The (excerpt)
The WindowThe Widow's HomeAll the World's a Stage
Hooray Say The RosesMira's WillFalling Asleep
Lord Robert's Triumphal Entry into PretoriaAlexander's Feast; Or, The Power Of MusicThe Capture of Havana
Arsenal at Springfield, TheSonnet XVI: And Yet, Because ThouOn the Prospect of Peace
In Salem Dwelt a Glorious KingEurope, The 72d And 73d Years Of These StatesThe Summary History of Sir William Wallace
Birds Of Prey MarchWeave In, Weave In, My Hardy LifeAfter Waterloo
The Boundary RiderKeepsake MillThe Last of the Light Brigade
Lines 1-15 in the IliadMy FoeAt the Tavern
CamouflageBeranger's My Last Song Perhaps (January 1814)Fragment
Letter Of Recommendation From My Father To My Future WifeFor the Union DeadVigil Strange I Kept on the Field one Night
Lieutenant-Colonel FlareJubilate Agno: Fragment AThe Burglar Of Babylon
Memorial DayThe Iliad: Book 12Dunes
In Honour of that High and Mighty Princess, Queen ELIZABETHThe Statue and the BustSong of Saul Before His Last Battle
The Earth-MotherJockOn the Idle Hill of Summer
A SalutationConcert PartyThe Swamp Fox
In SnowAmong the Red GunsAs I lay With Head In Your Lap, Camerado