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SonnetSonnet 149: Canst thou, O cruel, say I love thee notSonnet XXII
Sonnet LXI: Since There's No HelpSonnet XLIIISonnet 25: Let those who are in favour with their stars
Sonnet LXXIAstrophel And Stella-Sonnet LIVSonnet XLIII: Thou Canst Not Die
Mr. Francis Beaumont's Letter to Ben JonsonSonnet X: To Nothing FitterSonnet XXXVII: O Why Doth Delia
Sonnet XXXIII: I MightValedictory Sonnet to the River DuddonSonnet XXIX: Farewell, Ye Tow'ring Cedars
Ellen Terry in the Merchant of VeniceSonnet- To ZanteSonnet LI: Calling to Mind
Sonnet 09 - Can it be right to give what I can give?Sonnet IIISonnet 01
Sonnet 02Sunday MorningSonnet VIII
Sonnet XXXIV: The Star of My MishapSonnet XXXVIII: First Time He Kissed MeSonnet LVII
Sonnet IISonnet 13Sonnet 46: Mine eye and heart are at a mortal war
Sonnet XXI: If Beauty Thus Be CloudedSonnet 112: Your love and pity doth th' impression fillSonnet 49: Against that time, if ever that time come
FacilitySonnet 129: Th' expense of spirit in a waste of shameSonnet XXX
Sonnet - To Tartar, a Terrier BeautySonnet XXV: False Hope ProlongsSonnet: At Dover Cliffs, July 20th 1787
Sonnet to AmicusSonnet V: Nothing But NoSonnet XIX: You Cannot Love
Sonnet CIIISonnet to Lake LemanNot marble nor the guilded monuments (Sonnet 55)
Caelica: Sonnet 22Sonnet XLI: I Thank AllSir Thomas Wortley's Sonnet Answered
Sonnet L: Beauty, Sweet LoveSonnet VIISonnet XL: My Heart the Anvil
Holy Sonnet II: As Due By Many Titles I ResignSonnet 14Sonnet LXXXIII
Sonnet 20: A woman's face with Nature's own hand paintedHoly Sonnet XV: Wilt Thou Love GodSonnet VIII: Thou Poor Heart
Sonnet 97: How like a winter hath my absence beenSonnet 02 - But only three in all God's universeSonnet XLVII: To Fancy