Famous Poems of Richard Lovelace

Here you will find a collection of famous poems of Richard Lovelace. The list is ordered alphabatically. You can also browse other poems on different poem type using the poem types shown on the right side.

In Lesbiam Cat. Ep. 76.In Mine One Monument I LyeIn Rufum. Catul. Ep. 64
In Virgilium. Pentadii.ItemLa Bella Bona Roba. To My Lady H. Ode
Love Conquer'dLove Inthron'dLove Inthron'd. Ode
Love Made In The First Age. To Chloris.Lucasta At The Bath.Lucasta Laughing
Lucasta Paying Her Obsequies To The Chast Memory Of My Dearest Cosin Mrs. Bowes Barne[s]Lucasta's Fanne, With A Looking- Glasse In ItLucasta's World
Lucasta's World EpodeLucasta, Taking The Waters At Tunbridge.Mar. Lib. Iv. Ep. 33.
Mart. Ep. XV. Lib. 6.Mart. Lib. I. Epi. 14.Night. To Lucasta
OdeOreheus To BeastsOreheus To Woods
Paris's Second Judgement, Upon The Three Daughters Of My DePeinture. A Panegyrick To The best Picture Of Friendship, MPrincesse Loysa Drawing
Sir Thomas Wortley's Sonnet AnsweredSong To Amarantha, That She Would Dishevel Her HairSong.
The FalconThe Grassehopper. To My Noble Friend, Mr. Charles Cotton. OTo A Lady That Desired Me I Would Beare My Part With Her In A Song Madam A. L.
To A Lady With Child That Ask'd An Old Shirt.To Amarantha, that she would dishevel her HairTo Aramantha, That She Would Dishevel Her Hair
To Chloe, Courting Her For His FriendTo Fletcher Reviv'dTo His Deare Brother Colonel F. L. Immoderately Mourning My
To His Fairest Valentine Mrs. A. L.To His Fairest Valentine, Mrs. A.L.To Lucasta Ode Lyrick
To Lucasta, Going To The WarsTo Lucasta, Like the Sentinel StarsTo Lucasta, the Rose
To Lucasta. The Rose.To My Noble Kinsman Thomas Stanley, Esq. On His Lyrick PoemTo My Truely Valiant, Learned Friend; Who In His Brooke Resolv'd The Art Gladiatory Into The Mathematicks
To The Genius Of Mr. John Hall. On His Exact Translation OfValiant Love