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An AnswerAt the Funeral of a Minor PoetA Calendar of Sonnets: May
Living Lost, TheI Saw A New WorldHenry
Song of the Flower XXIIILaws XIIIThe Sea Took Pity
Dressing the DollRivera HoneymoonSir Guy the Crusader
The Ballad Of Casey's Billy-GoatThe Well of St. KeyneThe Dream Ring of the Desert
Babette's LoveEmblems of LoveMonday, Roxana, or the Drawing-Room
Town Eclogues: Monday; Roxana or the Drawing-RoomA Lover's Call XXVIIHoly Matrimony
Golfre, Gothic Swiss TaleThe Brus Book IA Ballad Sent to King Richard
The BellsThe Cherry TreesTo Marry Or Not To Marry?
The Biologic UrgeAn Old SongLepracaun or Fairy Shoemaker, The
Good - Better - BestFair AnnieThe Brus Book XIII
The Dowie Houms of YarrowLochinvarThe Amorous Courtesan
DionysusJanuary, 1795The Sense Of The Sleight-Of-Hand Man
The AnniversaryDon't Tell the World that You're Waiting for MeThe Iron Wedding Rings
Look at The Clock!' : Patty Morgan The Milkmaid's StoryStoves and sunshineThe Bee-Boy's Song
The Sensation CaptainHouse Of Fame, TheA Memory of June
Nothing is really mine except Krishna.The Two TreesThe Tragedy,
Parliament Of Fowles, TheThe Boola-Boola MaidLines in Praise of Professor Blackie
A Pastiche For EveAspecta Medusa ( For A Drawing)Stanzas
Lost on Both SidesOf That So Sweet ImprisonmentThe Undying