Famous Poems of John Henry Dryden

Here you will find a collection of famous poems of John Henry Dryden. The list is ordered alphabatically. You can also browse other poems on different poem type using the poem types shown on the right side.

A PrologueA Song for St. Cecilia's DayA Song To A Fair Young Lady Going Out Of Town In The Spring
A Song. Fair, Sweet And Young, Receive A PrizeA Song. Go Tell Amynta, Gentle SwainA Song. High State And Honours To Others Impart
Ah, how sweet it is to love!Alexander's Feast; Or, The Power Of MusicAlexander's Feast; Or, The Power Of Music
Ask not the cause why sullen springBritannia Rediviva: A Poem on the Birth of the PrinceBy a dismal cypress lying: A Song from the Italian
Calm was the even, and clear was the skyCan life be a blessingCymon And Iphigenia. From Boccace
DreamsEleonora : A PanegyricalEpilogue on the Same Occasion (Princess of Cleves)
Epilogue to Henry II.Epilogue to The Husband His Own CuckoldEpitaph On a Nephew, In Catworth Church, Huntingdonshire
Epitaph on Mrs. Margaret Paston, of Barningham, in NorfolkEpitaph on Sir Palmes Fairborne's Tomb in Westminster AbbeyEpitaph on the Lady Whitmore
Epitaph on the Monument of a Fair Maiden Lady, Who Died at Bath, and is There InterredEpitaph on the Monument of the Marquis of WinchesterFair Iris I Love and Hourly I Die
Farewell Ungrateful TraitorFarewell, Fair Armida. A SongFragment of a Character of Jacob Tonson, His Publisher
Impromptu Lines Addressed To His Cousin, Mrs. Creed, In A Conversation After Dinner On The Origin Of NamesLife a CheatLines In A Letter To His Lady Cousin, Honor Driden, Who Had Given Him A Silver Inkstand, With A Set Of Writing Materials, 1655
Lines Printed Under The Engraved Portrait Of Milton, In Tonson's Folio Edition Of The Paradise Lost, 1688Mac Flecknoe: A Satire upon the True-blue Protestant Poet TMankind
O Souls, In Whom No Heavenly FireOdeOn the Death of a Very Young Gentleman
On the Death of Amyntas. A Pastoral ElegyPalamon And Arcite; Or The Knight's Tale. From Chaucer. In Three Books. Book II.Palamon And Arcite; Or, The Knight's Tale. From Chaucer. In Three Books. Book I.
Palamon And Arcite; Or, The Knight's Tale. From Chaucer. In Three Books. Book III.Prologue For The Women, When They Acted at the Old Theatre, Lincoln's-Inn-FieldsPrologue Spoken at the Opening of The New House, March 26, 1674
Prologue Spoken the First Day of the King's House Acting After the FirePrologue to AlbumazarPrologue to Caesar Borgia
Prologue to His Royal Highness, Upon His First Appearance at the Duke's Theatre After His Return from Scotland.Prologue To Sophonisba; Spoken at Oxford, 1680Prologue to the Princess of Cleves
Prologue to the Prophetess, by Beaumont and Fletcher. Revived by Dryden. Spoken by Mr. BettertonPrologue to the True WidowPrologue To The University Of Oxford, 1674.
Religio LaiciRoundelaySatire On The Dutch
Sigismond And Guiscardo. From BoccaceSong Of A Scholar And His Mistress, Who, Being Crossed By Their Friends, Fell Mad For One Another; And Now First Meet In BedlamSuum Cuique